Collaborate with us

Civil Service:

You can apply to carry out it at the centres of our association.


At the organisation you can do internships to achieve university credits and you can obtain the Ditals certificate. We also welcome students doing an Erasmus Sponsored Internship.


You can carry out different activities that suit your interests according to your skills like educational support, recreational/leisure activities, teaching Italian as a second language and support at “Riuso”.


The aggregation’s centres

At “Centro Comes” and at “Nuvole a Soqquadro” children between 11 and 18 years who attend secondary school and high school can do their homework, receive educational guidance and socializing activities with our youth workers.

Education Planning:

Educational design and training activities for young people on different topics (anti-discrimination, migration, Afrophobia, work, ecology) conducted with non-formal education methods.

Language Facilitation Workshops:

The organisation takes care of linguistic and cultural mediation and language facilitation for learning italian in primary and secondary school in the area of Pavia at the request of schools themselves.

ERASMUS+ Projects:

We take part in Erasmus projects and in European Solidarity Corps by working on planning KA1 and KA2 actions and on organizing training experiences, intercultural exchanges, volunteer activities with other European countries for young people, volunteers and youth workers.

Family Desk:

Guidance desk for local services and support for access to services.

Angolo lettura:

Animated reading activities for children, accompanied by parents, in the age group of 3-10 years old.


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Questioning Migrates

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